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The Butterfly Yoga Trust

                                                ‘Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone’

Sunnah Rose

Sunnah has been teaching yoga since 2002. Trained in the Sivananda tradition, she has been running classes locally and at different establishments for the past 4 years to a variety of different students. Her main influences within the yoga tradition are gentle Scaravelli inspired yoga to open and release the spine alongside a slightly more dynamic Vinyasa (flowing) yoga. 

She has been teaching in schools for the last 3 years with great results and with a special interest in those dedicated to children with Special Needs and Behavioural Difficulties. Having completed her Yoga Birth training, she has been teaching pregnant women for the past year. The classes for pregnant women are hugely influenced by the Scaravelli style of yoga which helps to encourage a deeper understanding of the body and the changes it goes through in pregnancy.

Contact Sunnah on srose@butterflyyogatrust.org or 07941 321 772

Dr Radhika Shah

Radhika is a doctor who works as a medical officer for Brook London, an adolescent health service primarily for sexual and reproductive health in Euston, Islington and Southwark.  She also works as a GP in Kentish Town.

She has a keen interest and experience in working with young people and women's health and hopes to provide health and future contraceptive advice for clients in the teenage pregnancy yoga sessions, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Contact Radhika on rshah@butterflyyogatrust.org

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