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The Butterfly Yoga Trust has been doing some very exciting work throughout 2010. They have teamed up with an organisation called The Foyer Federation  whose mission is to turn young people's experiences of disadvantage into solutions that support their transition to adult independence. Sunnah travelled round the country visiting different Foyers (Sheltered Accommodation) and setting up Yoga Programs with a variety of Young People. It has been a great experience for those involved and wonderful to see the different energies that the students have brought to the class.

The Butterfly Yoga Trust along with some of the Students from 2 Foyers in London have starred in a DVD which has sent out to all the Foyer program's around The UK.


2009 – 2010

We have been working with Brent Mind on ‘The time to Change campaign’ running a yoga class every 3 weeks as part of their Healthy Minds program. It has been really inspiring, the group of people involved have been constant and have responded amazingly to the work we do. The funding has now been stopped but we will continue to run a voluntary class once a month for everyone who would like to attend. If you would like to donate to keep this class going or if you are a yoga teacher who would also like to do some volunteer work then please contact Sunnah.


The Butterfly Yoga Trust has been working with Inspire part of Islington’s Children services for the past year. Inspire provides education and services for any women under the age of 21 who are pregnant or have a baby. The Butterfly Yoga trust has had a fun-filled year teaching Pregnancy and Yoga to those that are pregnant and a little Post Natal yoga to those that have had their babies.

It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Initially it was hard work to get everyone involved but the more we have worked with them, the greater the results. Even though most of them groan as we enter the room and as they get on to the mat, once they begin the postures we have a lot of fun, even in if it is a little more frantic than a usual yoga class.

It has been a wonderful project and it’s great to know that these girls have a lot of support from the wonderful staff at Inspire.

Sunnah and Rad have recently written an article for Pendulum, the Bi-Polar magazine and are in the process of  setting up classes with MDF for their clients and running workshops at a yearly conference on Yoga and its benefits for anxiety and depression.

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