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The Butterfly Yoga Trust

                                                ‘Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone’

Yoga is a discipline that is more then something physical. It is enjoyed greatly by a very large percentage of the world’s population for all the benefits it offers, not only physically but mentally too.

Yoga is about a balance between the body and mind, creating a whole person with inner confidence and a clarity that infiltrates into every aspect of one’s daily life. The discipline of the ancient art of the asana's (postures) and perfected breathing techniques leaves one feeling revitalised and focussed.

By giving everyone the opportunity to create the best health they can through yoga, they open up their minds to a more positive and healthier style of living, which can filter into daily lives as well as from generation to generation. 

Yoga and its benefits should be widely available and should not be exclusive to just a privileged few or, a beautiful centre required to enjoy it in. Yoga can be practiced anywhere and by anyone, and the opportunity to bring health and relaxation to ones life and mind should be readily available.

The benefit of learning yoga can have such positive outcomes at all stages of life and teaches valuable skills that can help with confidence, self awareness and stress.

Health Benefits:

•Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina

•Reduces stress and tension

•Boosts self esteem

•Improves concentration and creativity

•Lowers fat

•Improves circulation

•Stimulates the immune system

•Creates sense of well being and calm

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