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The Butterfly Yoga Trust

                                                ‘Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone’

The Butterfly Yoga Trust provides yoga to children in schools, particularly those that are underfunded or that have no available budget for extra curricular activities.

Children can greatly benefit from the energising and calming effects of yoga. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, children are often deprived of the stability and stillness needed to help them grow into self-assured and grounded individuals. The ideology that surrounds Hatha Yoga (union, mindfulness and non-violence) offers the perfect antidote to the hustle-bustle of the material world.

Yoga has so many benefits and can be incorporated into learning programmes as well as the child’s development by giving them tools that will help them understand the elusive workings of their body and mind, through Asanas (postures), breathing, voice work and relaxation - helping them to become more confident and focused.  Using yoga in a child’s life will help them to concentrate longer and discipline their minds to conquering overexcitement and hyperactivity, as well as helping them to retain flexibility and build strength.

The approach to yoga differs depending on age. For younger children the aim is to encourage it as a form of play, by creating stories to help guide the children through the poses and letting them use their imagination in how to accomplish them. Older students can follow a more disciplined class-based approach by connecting their movements with their minds and breath. By doing so, yoga helps them to retain their flexibility and strength as they grow which they can use throughout their daily lives.

Yoga has no religious connotations and is non-competitive, that encourages the child not to judge themselves against others and helps them relate and integrate with other children from all societies.

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