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The Butterfly Yoga Trust

                                                ‘Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone’

The Butterfly Yoga Trust provides yoga for pregnancy to women who would not usually have the opportunities to attend these types of classes, either due to social or financial constrictions.

The Butterfly Yoga Trust works within programmes already set up by local councils / charities that provide support for women in these situations, for example ‘Young Mothers To Be’ and women in vulnerable situations or marginalised communities.

Why Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy Yoga  classes provides a supportive environment and offers a wealth of knowledge which helps prepare women physically and emotionally for the transformation to parenthood. We hope to provide an open class where the women can share their experiences, as well as any fears and doubts, and where we can offer support and further information, plus an opportunity to meet other women going through the same experiences.

What The Classes Cover

The format of the classes provided includes breathing, yoga and relaxation and ends with refreshments and discussion. Every class incorporates information relating to pregnancy and birth. The type of yoga that is taught is specifically for pregnant women and will help reduce the discomforts that can occur during pregnancy e.g. backache, pelvic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The classes are suitable for women from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards and can be continued right up until giving birth. They are suitable for all abilities. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

The classes will include postures, labour positions, pelvic floor exercises, relaxation, breath and visualisation techniques to aid the pregnancy and birth. Young women will develop confidence in their body's ability to give birth. In each class we will explore different positions to help in the pregnancy for 'optimal foetal positioning' and also explain the reasons for this. Adopting specific positions in late pregnancy can help get the baby into a good position in the pelvis. This is when the baby's spine lies towards the mother's belly and often can lead to a less painful, shorter labour.

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